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Case Category
Request for Advice
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Chair of Panel
Helen Lochhead
Other Panel Members
Wendy Lewin
Planning Officer
Jorge Van Den Brande
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Case Status: Advice finalised
Referral received: 12/10/2018

Key Dates


190222Commission Review for Minister for Heritage
190225Statement re Varroville heritage review
Referral Letter
1 DOC17 502732 Recommendation to list
2 DOC17 496224 Recommendation to list
3 DOC17 496224 Recommendation to list
4 DOC17 496224 Recommendation to list 3
5 DOC17 323926 SHRC 5 Jul 17 Item 33 NoI to list
6 DOC17 455187 Heritage Council State Heritage Register
7 DOC17 334842 Heritage Council Minutes 06 September 2017
Extension Request Letter
Response to Extension Letter
IPC Announcement 240119
Letter to Richard Mackay_Redacted
1 IPC Response to Jacqui Kirkby 91118Redacted
1 LIPC SecretariatVVH230718Redacted
10 190226 Jacqui Kirkby and Peter Gibbs responding to letter of 8 February 2019
10 LIPCN SecretariatVVH210119
10 LIPCN SecretariatVVH210119Redacted
11 190228 Letter IPC response to J Kirkby
11 LIPCN SecretariatVVH230119
11 LIPCN SecretariatVVH230119Redacted
12 SubmissionKirkbyVV curtilage expansion290119
13 ProfOKaneChair IPCNVVH080219Redacted
14 LIPCN SecretariatVVH040219Redacted
15 LIPCN SecretariatVVH250219
181130 Letter to IPC re conflict of interest
2 IPC to Jacqui Kirkby 191118Redacted
2 LIPCN SecretariatVVH071118Redacted
2018 11 13 MO Letter to IPC re consideration of the Crown Cemetery DA and Varroville Curtilage proj
2018 11 23 MO Letter to IPC re meeting on 3 Dec 2018_Redacted
2019 01 25 MO Letter to IPC re Access to Curtilage Study
2019 02 04 MO Letter to IPC re Access to Curtilage Study
3 Letter to EDO 28 11 18Redacted
3 LIPCN SecretariatVVH201218Redacted
4 Letter to EDO 30 11 18Redacted
4 Letter to IPC NSW re Varroville 221118Redacted
5 Letter to Jacqui Kirkby 181210Redacted
5 LProfOKane IPCNVVH301118Redacted
6 IPC response to Jacqui Kirkby 110119
6 IPC response to Jacqui Kirkby 110119Redacted
6 Letter to IPC NSW re Varroville 301118Redacted
7 IPC to Jacqui Kirkby 180119
7 IPC to Jacqui Kirkby 180119Redacted
7 LIPCN SecretariatVVH071218 and Letter to MinsiterRedacted
8 IPC to Jacqui 241019
8 IPC to Jacqui 241019Redacted
8 LIPCN SecretariatVVH070119
8 LIPCN SecretariatVVH070119Redacted
9 IPC to Jacqui 310119
9 LProf Lochhead IPCNVVH100119
9 LProf Lochhead IPCNVVH100119Redacted
Letter to David Shoebridge 20181207
Letter to Mills Oakely 070219_Redacted
Letter to Mills Oakley 04022019_Redacted
Letter to Mills Oakley 29 11 18_Redacted
Letter to Mills Oakley_Redacted
LProfOKane IPCNVVH301118
Register IPC Conflicts Varroville 29 11 18 UPDATE
Site inspection notes
Heritage Council IPC Presentation Rec to List Extended Curtilage Varroville Jan 2019
Peter Gibbs Submission
190116 Campbelltown City Council to IPC re heritage curtilage adjustment at Varroville
2 CMCT Submissions in Reply for IPC
3 CMCT Submissions in Reply by Florence Jaquet
4 Right of Reply Response IPC
5 20190129 Opinion Varroville
CMCT Submissions in reply GBA
IPC Varroville Curtilage Extension Answers Post Hearing
SubmissionKirkbyVV curtilage expansion
2019 02 15 URBIS response to OPP Study Inspection
2019 02 15 Varroville GBA response to OPP report inspection
2019 02 15 MO Letter to IPC re Access to Curtilage Study_


Date and time

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